Introducing the 4000
Series Fiber range.

Super Fast. Reliable.

The 4000 series optical connector is one of the smallest harsh
environment optical connectors. Featuring a secure quick twist
bayonet connection, giving durable mechanical mating.

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Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic cabling uses light, meaning there is no heat generation - making fiber optics the safest option for data transmission.

High Speed

The transmission of data through fiber optic cabling is faster than traditional cabling due to its increased capacity.


Fiber Optics makes tapping or hacking much more complex when compaired to copper or electrical wiring - making fiber optics a secure option.

-25 / 70oC

Wide Operational
Temprature Range


Insertion Loss Max


Loss Average


Protection Rating

Flex In-Line.

The connector accommodates industry
standard LC interfaces as per IEC 61754-20.

The 4000 series fiber connector is the smallest sealed
standard interface connector on the market


Cable Options

Uncabled or cabled from
1M to 450M

Single Mode

Indicated by a blue LC,
blue cable restraint &
a yellow cable


Indicated by a beige LC,
beige cable restraint &
a aqua cable


Indicated by a white LC

Server Rooms -

A choice of cable terminations
from standard server room LC fiber
connections to sealed connections.

FTTx -

A fiber connector with IP68 ratings
and UV resistant materials, the 4000
series fiber is suited to last drop Fiber
to the home and the antenna.

Marine -

Fiber connectivity with Salt
spray resistance to EN60068-2-52
Test Kb Salt Mist (Cyclic) Marine
Severity Level 1.

Civil Engineering -

Reliably connecting sensing
equipment in the field in the
harshest of environments

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